Tourism Investment Summit

The Pakistan Hospitality Show will feature a Tourism Investment Summit. This summit is a full-day event dedicated to the innovations, challenges and developments of the tourism industry.
Gathering to discuss what impacts tourism and travel, local as well as international experts will share not only their experiences and expertise but also innovative solutions that have revolutionized the travel and tourism industry today.
Apart from the exchange of ideas and stimulating conversation around the next big trends driving the sector, the aim of this summit is to highlight the wonderful investment opportunities that prevail in Pakistan’s travel and tourism industry.

Who Is The Summit For?

This Summit is for the Tourism Industry Professionals looking to learn. gain inspiration and strengthen their business with expert insight from key influencers. Companies and business professionals seeking opportunities to invest in the Tourism industry of Pakistan. Experts in the field of Travel, Hospitality, Food & Beverage Services, Entertainment and Leisure Activities looking to learn from other experts in the field. And relevant Start-ups seeking ta meet and cooperate with leading organisations in tourism and travel.